Best Headphones For Mixing – Best 12 HeadPhones!

Lengthy before we have ever grew to become musicians…

All Of Us understood the need for a great pair of earphones, right?

For that older guys…Bose was the very best brand.

For the children today, it’s Beats by Dre.

However that you’re carrying this out new “home studio” factor, you begin to wonder…

Will individuals headphones work?

Or are studio earphones different?

Well the fact is…that recording studios use 2 very specific types of earphones for 2 very specific purposes.


  1. Closed Back Earphones – which can be used for recording tracks
  2. Open Back Earphones – which can be used for mixing

And when you’re presently hunting for a rugged pair of each one, within this post I’ll demonstrate the very best options within the following two sections:


First up…


The 6 Best Closed Back Earphones for Recording Tracks

When recording tracks within the studio…

The main concern with a decent set of closed back earphones is they offer maximum seem isolation

Therefore the musicians can monitor the earphones mix as they play…

With no seem bleeding into the live mic, and ruining the take.

One of the better models presently around the market…

Fundamental essentials top 6 which i recommend:

1. Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Sennheiser HD280 Pro

Odds are you’ve heard about it before…

Since the Sennheiser HD280 Pro is generally known in recording circles because the industry standard in closed back earphones.

Now I’ll be the first one to admit…

  • they aren’t particularly glamourous, and…
  • there aren’t any special features to brag about

What they are able to brag about is they’re easily typically the most popular recording earphones on the planet.

Even though they may do not have the ABSOLUTE Finest sound you’ve ever heard…they serve their purpose well.

For beginner and advanced studios alike, I recommend them.

For individuals who don’t like the HD280, odds are, its because they’re very faithful to these instead…

2. The new sony MDR-7506

Sony MDR-7506 closed back studio headphones

The nearest, and possibly main competitor towards the HD280 is…

The legendary The new sony MDR-7506.

When compared to HD280:

  • They’re just like affordable
  • They’re just like durable
  • They offer as much isolation

And a few folks provide them with a small edge OVERALL…myself being one of these.

Getting used both of them, I’ve found the MDR-7506 marginally better both in comfort and seem quality. And after sifting with the reviews, I discovered others who agreed too.

But since both of them are Very popular, and a few musicians are picky about their headphones…

It may be smart to have a couple of of every on hands, so everyone’s happy.

Let’s focus on 90% of oldsters studying this, I suggest stopping here and selecting among the first two options out there.

For individuals who still want more, let’s continue…

3. Extreme Isolation EX-29

Extreme Isolation EX29 closed back studio headphones

The Extreme Isolation EX-29 is a distinctive set of earphones made with Just One GOAL in mind:

Maximum Seem Isolation.

Created By a drummer, and meant for drummers…

These earphones rival the isolation of many industrial use hearing protectors!

Oddly enough, while you’re reading the specs, they’re only with a rating of 29dB of noise attenuation. It’s a remarkable number, yes…

But there are many other earphones boasting figures just like high, otherwise better.

Yet from both personal expertise and user reviews, it’s apparent the EX29 isolates sound much better than them.

The reason?

Well based on product descriptions, most earphones measure attenuation just ONE frequency. But the EX-29 measures the typical attenuation more than a WIDE frequency range.

And as everyone knows, low frequencies tend to be harder to bar than high ones.

As I agree they’re ugly as hell, if maximum seem isolation is the #1 priority…

I recommend you try them out.

Up next we have my own favorite…

4. Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

DT770proTo date out there, all of the earphones you’ve seen cost right around $100.

However the Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro, that amounted to over two times that…

Offers some significant upgrades in overall quality.

When it comes to comfort, seem quality, and style

These earphones easily blow the prior 3 from the water.

When it comes to seem isolation, and durability…they’re comparable.

Therefore the question is…could they be well worth the added cost?

Well my opinion, the DT770 Pro’s offer the right compromise between luxury features, and cost-effective cost. That’s the reason they’re my #1 favorite earphones about this list.

An identical model I also recommend may be the Beyerdynamic DT770M.

Intended particularly for drummers, they provide 35dB of noise attenuation, the greatest figure associated with a earphones I discovered. Check them out.

Now during the last two picks, I’ve saved the truly high-finish stuff.

Beginning with…

5. Focal Spirit Professional

Focal Spirit Professional Closed Back HeadphonesWith cheaper closed-back headphones…

It always appears like optimal seem quality requires a backseat with other more essential features, right?

However for individuals who are able to afford it…why not have access to BOTH?

Well with the Focal Spirit Professionals, that’s exactly what you’ll get:

  • Everything you’d expect from a set of closed back headphones…
  • With seem quality rivaling many high-finish open back models

One clever feature of those earphones is the foam padding, which easily molds your mind, sealing up any open gaps.

That way…the inside noises remain in, and also the outdoors noises stay OUT.

Try them out. I suspect you will be impressed.

Let’s focus on the ultimate item, I’ve saved probably the most “high-end” choice of them all…

6. Shure SRH 1540

Shure SRH-1540 Closed Back Headphones

Carefully resembling the conventional open back design…

The Shure SRH-1540 is possibly the nearest you can actually arrived at reference quality seem in a set of closed back earphones.

From the design standpoint…they’re easily the most amazing pair out there undoubtedly.

In some way, you will easily notice simply by searching their way how ridiculously comfortable they’re.

Now I Possibly Could let you know about its insightful awesome features and accessories. But as I know you’ll agree, really the only QUESTION worth answering is…

Can they seem as awesome because they look?

Based on its reviews, all signs indicate YES. Many are written not by studio musicians, but by audiophile geeks. And with regards to high-finish seem, individuals guys Fully realize their stuff.

Would I suggest it as being an initial option for a studio room? Of course not.

But when someone particularly requested me to find the best from the BEST…

I’d no-doubt point them in direction of the Shure SRH-1540.

Since we’ve covered best wishes closed back options, let’s proceed to the following portion of this publish where I reveal…

The 7 Best Open Back Earphones for Mixing


The unfortunate side-aftereffect of closed back earphones is the fact that:

  • as isolation goes up…
  • seem quality often goes lower.

That is acceptable for tracking, since isolation is clearly the greater priority.

However, you will find TWO situations when seem quality takes priority over isolation:

  1. when you’re recording a musical instrument that does not need a microphone, just like an electronic drum package or keyboard.
  2. when you’re mixing.

Although ideally, mixing is better done on studio monitors

Currently of mobile recording and budget home studios, headphone mixing is becoming a suitable practice.

As lengthy as…you make sure to use open back earphones, which basically result in the opposite compromise of selecting optimal seem quality at the fee for isolation.

One of the better models available on the market, fundamental essentials top 7 I suggest:

1. Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro

Beyerdynamic DT 990 Open Back Headphones

Since seem quality may be the main concern with open back headphones…

It seems sensible the #1 pick about this list be those that supply the best seem, for that cheapest cost.

For me, that crown is one of the Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro.

For any mid-range model…they have all the feaures you can ask for…and much more.

Notable features include:

  • an extremely wide frequency range (5Hz-35kHz)
  • a powerful bass presence
  • a really comfortable fit

Getting used them before, I’m able to personally attest to their comfort.

Nothing’s worse than uncomfortable headphones…but these ones have to do with as comfortable because they get.

Now here’s one other popular model for round the same price…

2. AKG K 701

AKG 701 Open Back Headphones

During the day…the old AKG K1000’s were not just the flagship earphones from the AKG line…

These were generally known in audiophile circles because the best earphones on the planet.

Today…the newer AKG K701’s inherit most of the same outstanding qualities…

Together with some updated technology too.

For example:

They’re the first one to feature AKG’s flat-wire coil technology, which when compared to K1000‘s…

  • Supplies a better low-finish seem, and…
  • Enables these to be driven by less-effective amplifiers.

You could also have an interest to know…

Legendary producer, Quincy Johnson, the person with increased Grammys than anybody alive…created exclusive edition of those earphones: the AKG Q701.

Based on him, they have the very best seem associated with a set of earphones he’s heard. And if it is adequate for Quincy…it’s adequate for all of us.

If these latter models were a little pricey for you personally, these next two tend to be cheaper.

First up…

3. AKG K240

AKG K240 Open Back Headphones

For novices with limited funds, there isn’t any safer bet compared to AKG K240.

One take a look at these headphones…

And you’d be shocked to understand shiny things cost under 100 dollars.

Another attractive feature is the semi-opendesign, that is basically a hybrid of the traditional open and closed back models.

Should you have only enough cash for just one purchase, and you need a group of earphones appropriate for recording and mixing

It’s one from the couple of options in this cost range that gives on its promises.

Also browse the new version: AKG K240 mkII – (Amazon . com/B&ampH/GuitarC/MusiciansF/Thomann)

Up next we’ve another “semi-open” model even less expensive than the last…

4. Samson SR850

Samson SR850 Open Back Headphones

Never inside a million years can you ever imagine…

That the under $50 pair of earphones could deliver studio quality sound…right?

But review after review confirms it…

The Samson SR850’s are count even more than their modest cost tag.

True…you most likely won’t hear its name pointed out among gear-heads…

The SR850‘s offer many of the identical options that come with other earphones costing several occasions just as much.

If you are low on cash, you will not look for a better deal compared to SR850‘s.

Finally, we’ve showed up that moment you’ve all been waiting for…

Our prime-finish models. Starting to begin with with…

5. Shure SRH1840

Shure SRH1840 Open Back Headphones

Maybe you have took in to music on an excellent set of earphones?

Should you haven’t, it’s kinda like losing your virginity once again. There’s nothing that can compare with it.

You’d never suppose such FULL, CRISP seem could originate from such small loudspeakers.

But when you listen to it, you know the way truly amazing an excellent set of earphones can seem.

Among the most effective types of earphones of the caliber…

We’ve the Shure SRH1840.

A typical among audiophiles for a long time, these earphones would be the safest bet for individuals searching for his or her first summary of ultra high-finish listening.

Now as common as the SRH1840’s are, they pale as compared to the next earphones around the list…

6. Sennheiser HD 650

Sennheiser HD650 Open Back HeadphonesIf there’s one set of earphones on the planet, symbolic of high-finish sound…

It’s the Sennheiser HD 650.

A lengthy time favorite both in audiophile, and pro audio circles…

These earphones have possibly more great reviews than any model about this list.

And that’s ESPECIALLY impressive thinking about that they’re in no way cheap.

Getting used them for any lengthy time, my personal favorite feature of those earphones may be the ear cups….

Unlike most earphones which smash facing your ears, their huge elliptical design and deep padding allow it to be so that they almost “float” around your ears.

Odds are, they’re probably the most comfortable earphones you’ll ever put on.

Let’s focus on the ultimate pick, I’ve saved the Grand Father of Studio Earphones

7. Sennheiser HD 800

Sennheiser HD800 Open Back HeadphonesIn Sennheiser’s legendary type of open back HD headphones…

There’s been lots of updates through the years.

  • First there is the classic HD600
  • Then, once we just saw, the raised HD650
  • Later came the mostly unsuccessful HD700

But on their own final try, they were given it damn near perfect using the Sennheiser HD800.

While it’s still rather new, its recognition keeps growing quickly…

And my prediction is, its status will quickly exceed those of the classic HD650.

Here’s why:

Despite its absurd cost tag, still it owns a surprising quantity of stellar reviews from satisfied customers.

As well as individuals who reviewers who upgraded from either the HD600 or HD650

The overwhelming consensus is…the HD800 blows both of them out from the water.

If you would like the Very Best there is…I recommend them.

UPDATE: Now browse the updated and much more expensive form of these earphones:

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